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Christian School & Kindergarten

Helsinki Christian School is a private comprehensive school for 7–16-year-old students. We provide a well-rounded basic education that’s based on Christian values. Following the Finnish national Core Curriculum, our school aims to help students learn, develop their skills and character. We strive to help our students reach their full potential. Our school’s teachings are built upon the Christian worldview and values. Our school emphasizes the culture of respect and helping others in need. We work hard to make all our students feel included, and we hope our students form lifelong friendships with their fellow classmates.

Our kindergarten Pursi is located in the same building as our Christian school. Our kindergarten provides a preschool education for six-year-olds and early childhood education for 3–5-year-old children.

Together our kindergarten and Christian school cover the important ages of 3-16 providing a caring and coherent learning environment and a smooth transition to our students’ future education.

The language of instruction at our school and kindergarten is Finnish, however, it is possible for a child without much knowledge of the Finnish language to join our kindergarten. The Christian school does require its students to possess adequate Finnish skills in order for them to be able to understand their teachers. If your child doesn’t speak Finnish, they can attend a preparatory class at a city school, where the objective is to acquire sufficient understanding of the Finnish language. After a year in one of the preparatory classes a student can transfer to Helsinki Christian School. Our school offers Finnish as a second language -classes to all those whose first language isn’t Finnish.

We start teaching English on first grade and follow that up with Swedish on sixth grade, both of which are compulsory. We also offer Spanish as an elective language starting from eight grade. In addition to all that we also provide Russian, English, Spanish and Portuguese lessons to upkeep foreign language skills in said languages, or to those whose families speak either language at home.

Our school and kindergarten are maintained by the Association of Helsinki Christian School, which is a non-denominational association and is open to join for anyone interested in Christian education. The Association receives grants from the Finnish government and the city of Helsinki. As a part of our school day, we provide our students with a hot and nutritious meal, that is prepared at our school’s own kitchen, free of charge. There are no tuition fees or other compulsory fees for the students attending our school.

Morning- and afternoon activities

Our students come from all around the Helsinki metropolitan area and many are dropped off on their parents way to work. So that we may begin our days safely and flexibly, we provide free morning activities for elementary school students beginning at 8.00 in the morning. Our morning activities include drawing, reading, games and spending time outside.

For grades 1-4 we provide afternoon activities which include crafts, group activities, spending time outside and exercising. In addition, students also have time to complete their homework. Our afternoon activities are led by trained instructors who work during the day as teachers’ assistants. Our afternoon activities program does cost between 100€ and 120€ a month. The cost is determined by how much time the student spends in our afternoon activities, and the price does include a snack.

Students are admitted to our school through an application proses, which consists of a pre-registration from followed by an application form and an interview. The purpose behind such an application proses is to determine, whether or not our school can meet the student’s educational needs as determined by Finnish law.

If you wish to apply to our Christian school or kindergarten, don’t hesitate to fill in our pre-registration form. Once we have received your pre-registration form, we’ll send you the application form and make an appointment for a visit and interview.

Contact Us

To learn more about the school and kindergarten you are encouraged to contact our Principal or kindergarten manager and book an appointment for a visit.

Office (Mon-Thu)
Saara Tineo
tel. +358 50 512 0607
email: kanslia (at)

Mirva Karavirta
tel. +358 50 565 9832
email: mirva.karavirta (at)

Kindergarten Manager
Maritta Lamponen
tel. + 358 50 568 8500
email: maritta.lamponen (at)

Helsinki Christian School is located in Pukinmäki, which is easily accessible by train, bus and car. 

HKK – Christian School & Kindergarten Pursi

Pieksupolku 5
00720 Helsinki
tel. +358 50 512 0607
kanslia (at)


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